Our Unique Candy Mixes

September 28, 2016

Our Unique Candy Mixes

Ann-Sofie and I have hand picked the purest and cleanest candy for our mixes. We all spend too much time reading labels and it can be quite daunting to keep up with everything that's bad for you.

Quality Selection

Let's face it, candy is not a "good food" and has a lot of bad rep, so we would like to make it as good as possible by skipping on the HFCS, GMO's, trans fats, and artificial food coloring.

Why Does it Matter?

If you have kids and care about what they eat you probably already know how some additives in food can have an adverse effect on children's personal behavior and in some rare cases cause diseases.  You don't have to have children to care about what you eat either. Most people now these days are very health consciences.  

Sugars and GMO's

The number one ingredient in candy will be sugar, there's no way around it. But there are bad sugars and there are worse sugars. No sugar is good, no matter what! But, if we can stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup then we are doing much better already. The sugar in our candy mixes come from the sugar beet and have been processed into glucose, that's what makes it chewy. And since there's no corn syrup in the candy you won't have to worry about GMO's either!

Artificial Food Coloring

The synthetic food colors in candy is sometimes worse than the sugars when it comes to adverse affects on children. They have been linked to hyper activity, allergies, food sensitivity and in some rare cases cancer. The worst offenders, and you'll find them everywhere even in regular food and drinks are Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5 and 6. You will not find any of these artificial colors in our mixes, although they do occur in a few of our bulk candies. If any of our candies have artificial food coloring it will be in the ingredient list on our website.

Natural Food Coloring

The FDA is less strict than EU when it comes to food regulations. That's why Swedish/Scandinavian candy and food is "cleaner" than the American. All the candy we have in our mixes have natural food coloring. The food products have "E" numbers for additives and not all of them are bad. Here's a list of the most common ones you will find in our candy.

E100 Curcumin

E120 Carmine, red color

E141 Chlorophyllin, blue/green, blue/black

E150b Sugar Syrup, red, red/brown, black

E150d Safflower

E160a Beta Carotene 

E160c Paprika Extract, red

E162 Beetroot

E163 Grape Skin

E170 Calcium Carbonate Chalk, white color

E171 Titanium Dioxide (a natural mineral) white color

Our  Candy vs. Theirs

We carry many of the same varieties of candy as IKEA does, but they do not carry the "premium" candy though and as many of you have already noticed, many are not the "original" Cloetta, Malaco, Toms and Bubs brands that we are used to eating. We use several suppliers so therefore can carry a larger selection of candy and nothing but the "original" brands. Candy has become such a big market and many "copy cats" are popping up.

Our Goal

Hopefully with our candy mixes we have made it a little bit easier to make better choices for you, if you should decide to buy candy for yourself or your children.