Snaps Mixes

Snaps or aquavit (water of life) as it was originally called could only be called aquavit if the spirit had been flavored with either dill or cumin. 

It was originally made as medicin, the herbs used in the distilled liquor all had different healing powers. The liquor itself killed bacteria in the gut when there was no safe drinking water available. Strong spices were also added to hide the unpure taste of the alcohol.

Today aquavit is made from grain or potato and different spices are typically used in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In Sweden the swedes drink snaps around the holidays, or when we have smörgåsbord, accompanied with seafood like herring and salmon. The danes drink it all year round. It is always served well chilled, straight from the freezer, and unmixed in small shot glasses.

There is also a long tradition of singing when drinking snaps. There are close to 10,000 recorded drinking songs at the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm. In Sweden a song is sung before a toast and many finishes after the toast.

Our mixes are best when you add a plain vodka, like Absolut.