Cajsa Wargs Snaps Mix

Swedish Sweets and More

Picture is showing a mix ready to drink. This is a spice mix so you have to add your own vodka as we can't sell alcoholic beverages, but it makes it so much more special when you have made it yourself and directions are printed on the bottle. It only needs to sit for 24hrs and you have made your own snaps!

This snaps mix is named after Anna Kristina "Cajsa" Warg. She was born in Örebro, Sweden on March 23, 1703. She is probably the most well known chef and cookbook author in Sweden. Her first book came out 1755 and the title was "Hjälpreda i köket för unga fruntimmer" and was more a guide how a young woman should run a household.

Ingredients: anise, fennel, bitter orange, safflower, and demerara sugar.

Makes 37cl

Type: Snaps

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