Limpa is a traditional Swedish bread made with rye and wheat flour. It is a sweetened with syrup, and flavored with a combination of 2-3 spices; caraway, fennel and anis. If you grew up in Sweden the chances are this was the to go loaf of bread at home.
These days there are a large variety of breads to choose from but 40-55 years ago, when we grew up, we usually had 3 types of bread at home; limpa, barkis (white wheat toasting bread with poppy seeds), and the wholegrain bread which was preferred by our parents. Apart from the "soft" bread you would also find the wholegrain rye crackers "knäckebröd" in every home. 
 Dan Sukker Light and Dark Syrup
Our Limpa Mix does not have the syrup included so here are some suggestions. Dan Sukker dark syrup comes from the sugar beet, which is the common syrup in Sweden and Scandinavia.  Around Christmas time it's fairly easy to find this dark syrup, but the rest of the year it can be difficult. There are a couple of substitutes though that you can use if you can't find the Dan Sukker varieties.
Use 1/2 Molasses and 1/2 Lyle's Golden Syrup
Lyle's golden syrup is an imported British syrup that most closely resembles the Scandinavian light syrup. To give it that dark color you would mix it with molasses.
Karo Dark Corn Syrup
I have personally never used the dark corn syrup but think it would work fine too as it does not have the strong flavor of molasses, but still gives you that dark color.
The dough will be very sticky so using a dough scraper to scrape down the sides of the bowl and on the work surface will be of great help. We also brush our loaves with egg wash so you'll need a brush. If you don't have an egg you can use some melted butter.
It might seem like a small dough for 2 loaves but it will rise nicely to approx. double in size.
To form a loaf is easiest done by flattening the dough and rolling it up from the short end, "pinch" the seam and lay it in the pan with the side down.
Brush each of the loaves with the egg wash before baking in the middle of the oven.
Baking a Swedish Limpa Bread with our Limpa Mix
(all our mixes have the instructions on the label)
What you'll need:
  • Dough scraper
  • Egg
  • Towel
  • Extra flour
  • 2 Bread pans
1. Heat the milk to 118F, pour into a bowl.
2. Add syrup and 1 C of mix at a time to the bowl alternating with the cubed, soft butter. Mix for 12 min.
3. Cover and let rise for 50 minutes.
4. Divide dough into 2 and form into a loaf, flatten each piece and roll it into the shape of a loaf. The dough will be loose and sticky. Don't work too much more flour into the dough, this is where the dough scraper comes in handy. 
5. Cover and let rise for another 40 minutes. Set the oven to 375F.
6. Brush the loaves with the beaten egg and bake for 20 min. Lower oven to 335F and bake for another 15 min. 
The loaves will freeze really well and we like to pre slice them before freezing and then just thaw whatever you're going to eat in the toaster. 
Here are a few serving suggestions. Enjoy with some aged, sharp cheddar cheese and hot house cucumber, or heirloom tomato, avocado with balsamic glaze or why not with plain kaviar!

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Swedish Sweets and More
Swedish Sweets and More

September 15, 2019

You can actually find the Lyle’s syrup in most grocery stores. I’ve seen it at Vons, Alberson’s, Walmart and more.
We will have Dan Sykker dark Syrup in the shop late October too if you feel like waiting.


September 08, 2019

How do I order the Lyle’s Golden Syrup?

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