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Forshems Gastgivaregard
Julbord is a smörgåsbord but with Christmas food, and where would be the perfect place to eat this if not our brother Stefan and his wife Mia's restaurant!
We have previously made a blog post from our Summer visit, but this was a very special visit as it was more than 15 years ago since we had Julbord here. Gästgivaregården is known for having all homemade products, something that takes months to prepare as there are over 100 dishes served, and it's all local produce from the venison to the salmon.
Mia greets us at the table and explains the logistics. She will tell us when it's our turn to visit the julbord, to avoid crowding and long waiting times.
We are the first guests to arrive, upon our request, so that we can run around and take pictures. 
The restaurant is housed in an old Inn that dates back to the 1500's, both floors are used for the restaurant these days, but no lodging is offered anymore.
And now to the food!
When eating julbord many trips are made to the large julbord and it takes an average of 3 hours to eat.
The first plate is filled with herring, potatoes and bread. All bread is of course homemade. There's ham bouillon to dip the vörtbröd and mom's bread too.
Second plate is for all the different seafood dishes. There's a wide variety of gravlax, or lox as it is known in the US, herring sallad with beets, egg halves with shrimp, warm and cold smoked salmon, cod roe, and lots more.
The third plate gets filled with an assortment of cold cut meat dishes. Christmas ham is a given but there are also some more unusual dishes like patés made with gooseliver, moose & garlic, venison and wild boar. The smoked sausage is made with venison.
Our fourth plate we chose to fill with all the wonderful meats like smoked venison, carpaccio of moose, boar, slow and low temperature roasted lamb and wild pickled chanterelles and much more!
Fifth plate was filled with warm food. The pictures show ribs, Jansson frestelse, lutfisk, prinskorv, brown beans, brusselsprouts, omelett with mushroom stew, grynkorv, meatballs and red cabbage.
Finally it was time for the dessert and our sixth plate of food!
Chocolate cake with whipped cream, Creme brûlée with saffron, peppermint panacotta, Swedish cheesecake, and homemade chocolates.
A visit to the kitchen to thank our brother for a wonderful dinner was a must!
 Ann-Sofie & Annika

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Lillian Henning
Lillian Henning

January 08, 2018

There is nothing in the world like the Swedish smorgasbord!

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