It is time to get birch twigs or some other twigs in a vase and decorate them with colorful feathers and decorations.  I have a box full of old Easter decorations that I like to have on display.  One of my favorites is a porcelain rooster that I got after my grandmother.

I also have to pick out my Easter witch outfit, Maundy Thursday, or Skärtorsdag, is today and there is no time to waste!  Always great fun to dress up as a Påskkärring!

Now, find the easter candy eggs from last year if you still have them, get candy to fill them, but not too early since there is a big chance the eggs will be empty before Easter is here..


Easter dinner is usually plentiful with filled eggs, different herring, salmon, Janson's temptation and an nice pretty Easter cake. 

 If you'd like to read some about Easter traditions check it out here: Swedish Easter Traditions. 

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