One of our favorite things to do while visiting Sweden, other than visiting family and friends (and here we get to do both!), is to experience yet another 5 course dinner at Forshems Gästgivaregård. If you haven't been here yet or heard of this place then you have missed out! The restaurant is owned by our brother Stefan and wife Miriam.


Owners Stefan and Miriam Johansson

They have received several awards and there's even been a documentary made, "Gästgivaregårn" by the well known Swedish film maker Stefan Jarl, so we're not the only ones who can't say enough good things about this establishment.

 Some of the awards displayed by the front door

The building in itself is amazing too. The history as an Inn goes back to the mid 1500's. It used to be owned by a private non-profit group who saved it from being torn down in 1967 and they renovated and restored it. So now when you enter this "house" it is like stepping back in time. Stefan and Mia like to keep it as authentic as possible so when they in turn started renovating they tried to keep that old feeling in the dining rooms. They have invested in a large renovation of the kitchen though and they also made the cellar into a wine cellar.

Dining room seating for two

Piano at the far end, and an old antique couch is part of the interior

Wall painting of the local Läckö Castle 

The upstairs dining rooms are usually used for smaller private parties

Old antique tools and wall papers are on display

Stefan's philosophy in the kitchen has always been to use the freshest local produce available. That's why the meny is constantly changing and you never know what you are going to be served, it all depends on what's in season and what's at hand. Everything is made in house; the bread, ice cream, dessert, he even grows his own herbs and mushrooms! Miriam, works the dining room and is equally passionate about giving the customers a unique dining experience. 

Our menu for the evening

They also offer an optional drink package where every dish is carefully paired with wine, beer (from Forshems Bryggeri where Stefan is a partner/owner) or an alcohol free version.

Drink menu

Let the dining advanture begin!

Miriam greets the guests with a glass of Prosecco or cider

Ann-Sofie checks out the menu

A trio of local delicacies; smoked white fish, herring with ramson onion from Kinnekulle and the first quail egg for this Spring with white fish roe.


Oyster mushroom grown in the cellar and fried hallomi cheese made at the restaurant by the youngest son Filip.

Homemade bread; rye crackers with ramson, sourdough with dried fruit and focaccia served with ramson butter.

Ramson soup with eggroll and cheese cracker.

Poached perch with potato cake and hollandaise sauce flavored with pea sprouts.

Granite´ (shaved ice) flavored with seaberry. Served to neutralize the taste buds.

Roast made of venison cooked for several hours at very low temperature to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor, served with oven roasted root vegetables and a sauce made with morels.

Dessert; lavendel ice cream, Swedish cheesecake with raspberry preserve, rhubarb pie, and a macroon.

Chocolate truffle with coffee or tea to finish it all off!

The three siblings 2014


With Miriam on the front steps 2008


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June 05, 2017

What a beautiful website! The food looks so good. I really miss Swedish food and wonderful people!

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